ProTorch on flat roofs with 18 year guarantee

ProTorch is a new, high-performance torch-on cap sheet with a specially formulated fire retardant coating and an 18 year material guarantee.

Weighing in at 5kg per m², ProTorch is the most robust in its class. With its specially formulated fire retardant coating ProTorch provides an AA fire rating as standard, ensuring Building Regulations can be met and making additional fire surface protection unnecessary.

ProTorch is guaranteed for 18 years, and has a life expectancy well beyond. It is fast to install and comes in a choice of colours.

Features and Benefits:

• Fire retardant coating as standard – EXT.F.AA Rated
•5kg per m² – the most robust in its class
•18 year material guarantee
• Faster torching – rapid flow SBS modified bitumen
• Enhanced torching – rapid melt sacrificial backing and selvedge films
• Excellent puncture resistance against trafficking during work operations
• High level of tensile strength, elongation and tear resistance
• Remains flexible at temperatures than -10°C
• High specification 3 layer torch on mineral sufaced felts
• Ideal upgrade for dormers and domestic flat roofing when re roofing existing properties or new build extensions and balconys.
• Great time to upgrade or increase the insulation of your home
• We can supply fit up to 100mm insulation boards under our flat roofs

What is single ply?

What is single ply? Single ply is a thermo plastic material. It comes in rolls 2 meters wide and 20meters long. It is welded together using a hot air gun that fuses the thermo plastic material together giving a weld that is stronger that the material itself.

Why use the Envirotech EVA single ply waterproofing membrane?

Envirotech EVA single ply membrane has proven itself as a first class product. It has been on the market for 20 years and over 50million m2 has been installed in that time. Some of the benefits of Envirotech EVA single ply include the fact that it is a roofing material that looks good and gives a sleek modern finish.

It is exceptionally durable which gives it a long life span, in excess of 25 years. The seams are heat welded together meaning that the roof acts like one monolithic sheet on your roof. The material is flexible so if there is any slight movement between the roof and the walls the single ply will move with it.

Why choose Interloc Building Solutions?

Interloc is a modern dynamic company that always strives to provide the best service and products to its clients by providing an informed and professional service. We can provide a complete service which provides our customers with total peace of mind, right through from initial surveys, survey reports and then recommendations. We only work with roofing contractors that we trust and know will deliver the best service to our customers.

Is there a guarantee and warranty?

Yes – 15 years. The material will actually last in excess of 25 years.

Who will install and fit my roof?

Interloc is the supplier of the Envirotech EVA single ply membrane. We work with different roofing contractors throughout the UK that are approved by us. Only roofing contractors that have high workmanship standards can become approved contractors. For a list of approved contractors in your area please contact us .

Is single ply a new product?

No. Single plys have been in the market for over 25 years now but only recently has it become more widely available. Over the last 25 years just like all new products a lot of research and development has gone into them and these modern materials offer numerous advantages over other traditional waterproofing systems.

How much will it cost?

Unfortunately there is no straight forward answer to this question and the price depends on several things including size of roof, height, complications, whether the roof is in reasonable condition or in need of complete replacement.

However Envirotech EVA single ply membrane is a competitively priced waterproofing system. The product itself is of an equal price to the better quality waterproofing systems on the market place, but beware there are many different types and qualities of waterproofing.

What other waterproofing systems are there and why choose single ply?

There is a range of waterproofing solutions available to property owners now. It used to be in the past that the only product available was bituminous felt roofing, but as with most building materials over the last few decades there have been huge advances made, and now improved waterproofing products are now available.

Each product offers and promotes benefits over one another but undoubtedly single ply is by far the most widely used flat roofing waterproofing system in the new building sector today. The reason for this is that it has proven over the last 20 years to the industry, professionals and clients that it is simply the best solution.

Single ply membranes are the most widely used flat roofing material in the new build commercial sector today but only recently have they become more available to the domestic and refurbishment market place.

Single plys have proven to Architects, Surveyors Engineers and Builders that they have many benefits over other flat roofing products such as felt.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Envirotech EVA contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which can leach out of some other PVC single ply products, making Envirotech EVA more environmentally friendly. The amount of plasticizer used to produce the product is far less that other single plys which is better for the environment and the product can be readily recycled.

In addition we are member of the Global trees initiative which offsets any of Interloc's Carbon emissions. For further information on this please have a look at our Environmental section which you will find on our home page.

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