Roof Maintenance

It is with great pleasure that i am able to offer a preventative maintenance service for your roof.
For a fixed price of £300.00(based on 3 bed bungalow) our tradesman will carry out a full visual inspection of your roof, including all rhones, gutters and chimney stalks as well as the roof structure.

In addition, all rhones and gutters will be cleaned and any broken slates/tiles (up to 12)will be routinely replaced.
This service will take place twice annually, during the months of oct/nov and mar/apr (before and after winter).

At which point a report will be sent annually.And free 24 hour emergency service for all customers covered under the scheme. It is our firm belief that planned maintenance scheme such as this will identify any problems before they cause serious damage and in addition will reduce future costs.

As a bonus, a 10% discount is offered on any major works to all customers protected under our scheme. If you have any queries on any aspect of our roof protection scheme or are interested in participating therein, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email from our website...

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